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7th February 2017

Grack Juice by Philosaphucker

Image source Dali Paintings

Ingredient %
Cactus (INW) 2.25
Dragonfruit (TFA) 1.00
Meringue (FA) 1.00
Raspberry (INW) 0.50
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 1.50
Grape (INW) 4.00%
Koolada (TFA) 0.75%

Steep time: 7 Days
Author: Philosaphucker

Grack is delicious and addictive, but also so wonderfully different from everything else. It’s a work of abstract art with no culinary reference whatsoever. Other recipes lack any element of surprise, but this one’s shockingly good. It’s an original, one-of-a-kind recipe. One vaper described Grack juice like a Dali painting.

6th February 2017

Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder (Mk-2)

Image credit Flavour Chasers

Ingredient %
Apple Pie (CAP) 2.0%
Cake (Yellow) (FW) 0.5%
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 4.4%
Double Apple (CAP) 5.0%
Marshmallow (CAP) 0.5%
Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA) 0.5%

Steep time: 5 Days
Author: John King

A Unique Blend of Sweet Apples and Warm Cinnamon Muffin. The Muffin Man E-Liquid has a robust Apple Flavor on the Inhale followed by Sweet undertones of Warm Muffin. 100% better than the first version.. One Hit Wonders Muffin Man Mk-2 Clone. Very close to the original (I think its as good or slightly better) […]

29th December 2016

Green Tea Kit Kat by ExclusiveGirl

Image source Imgur

Ingredient %
(FE) Green Tea 0.70
(CAP) Sugar Cookie 1.50
(CAP) Vanilla Whipped Cream 3.00
(TPA) White Chocolate 4.50

Steep time: 3 days
Author: ExclusiveGirl

Like the name says, this is a Green Tea Kit Kat… Minus those pesky calories. Steep Time: Great as S&V. Best after 2-3 days. None of the flavors really change during a steep, it just allows the green tea to cement itself in all layers of the mix. Flavor/Development Notes: Have you ever had a […]

29th December 2016

Apple Buttah by goldfish18

Image source Imgur

Ingredient %
Liquid Amber (FA) 0.5
Butter Cream (CAP) 2.0
Cinnamon Danish Swirl V1 (CAP) 0.5
Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP) 1.0
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA) 1.0
Fuji (FA) 4.0

Steep time: 5 days
Author: goldfish18

FA Fuji and FA Liquid Amber – These two ingredients are the main profile of this recipe and provide an amazing crisp apple on the inhale and exhale. I know I know 4% Fuji? I used FA Fuji at 4% to ensure that it was upfront, but in order to make it stand out even […]

29th December 2016

God Milk by SkiddlzNinja

Image source Imgur

Ingredient %
TFA Strawberry 4.00
TFA Strawberry Ripe 4.00
TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust 3.00
TFA Bavarian Cream 3.00
TFA Dragonfruit 1.00

Steep time: 2 Weeks
Author: SkiddlzNinja

This recipe is, without a doubt, my most popular, best-received, and highest rated recipe. A strawberry cream with a tropical twist, made with all TFA flavors, with a relatively short steep time for strawberry creams, and all whole percentages in the recipe. I wanted this recipe to accessible to everyone; American or international, beginner or […]

14th December 2016

Pebbles by NotCharlesManson

Image source WeHeartIt

Ingredient %
Black Cherry (FA) 0.75
Blood Orange (FW) 1.50
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 1.00
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) 3.00
Hazelnut (FW) 0.50
Lemon Lime (CAP) 2.00
Meringue (FA) 2.00
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 4.00
Toasted Marshmallow (TPA) 1.00
Vienna Cream (FA) 1.25

Steep time: 4-5 days
Author: NotCharlesManson

This has been the most time I’ve spent on a recipe. To say I feel relieved to finally perfect it is an understatement. I’ve been working on a Fruity Pebbles mix for probably 6 months now, off and on. I’ve felt like I’m getting close, then come back to it later and it’s way off. […]

13th December 2016

Shurb By Jimmy The Juice Man

Image source EcigaretteReviewed

Ingredient %
Cotton Candy (EM) (TFA) 3.50
Beetle Juice (FW) 6.00
Mandarin (FA) 6.50
Key Lime (TFA) 1.50
Whipped Cream (TFA) 2.50
Vanilla Swirl (TFA) 2.50
Raspberry (FA) 5.00

Steep time: 2 Days
Author: Captaincannibal

Jimmy the Juice Man’s Shurb flavour is a sherbet-based concoction delivering all kinds of goodness with every inhale and exhale. By vaping Shurb e-liquid, you’ll experience raspberry, lime and orange notes floating all around the sizzlingly sweet sherbet base. FA Raspberry Since the first attempt somebody made at Shurb, this has been considered the de […]

13th December 2016

Monster Melon by Cuttwood

Image source The Vapor Island

Ingredient %
Cantaloupe (TPA) 5.00
Mango (TPA) 5.00
Papaya (TPA) 5.00

Steep time: 2 Weeks
Author: gsxrmike04

A trifecta of mango, cantaloupe, and papaya creates this delectable combination of refreshing tropical flavours Prominent. Please note this was formerly called Mega Melons Add sweetener to liking, I use 1 drop per 5Ml. I used: 5% Capella cantaloupe, 4% TPA Papya, 5% TPA mango 1% TPA marshmallow left the lid off overnight & steeped […]

13th December 2016

Raspberry Custard by Coop34

Image source Jessica Burns

Ingredient %
Apple Pie (FA) 2.00
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.00
Meringue (FA) 1.00
Raspberry (INAWERA) 1.00
Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA) 2.00
Vanilla Custard (CAP) 1.00

Steep time: 3-4 Weeks
Author: coop34

This recipe won some prizes on a contest over at /r/Diy_ejuice. Also sits in the “Best of 2015” thread there. Takes a couple weeks to really come together. After a month it really is at it’s best. Someone told me it’s like raspberry velvet after 3 months. If you like raspberry and custard, I […]

5th December 2016

Guava-Lime Candy

Image source Amazon

Ingredient %
Cactus (INAWERA) 0.50
Dragon Fruit (INAWERA) 1.00
Fuji Apple (FA) 0.25
Lemon Lime (CAP) 4.00
Lime (INAWERA) 0.25
Pink Guava (Flavorah) 0.25

Steep time: 5 Days
Author: NotCharlesManson

These were the inspiration for this recipe. I always have to beg the lady at the Chinese restaurant for a handful of these every time I go. If you haven’t had them, they’re basically just a sweet, almost sour guava candy. If you guys know me, you know literally 90% of my recipes have some […]