Like the name says, this is a Green Tea Kit Kat… Minus those pesky calories.

Steep Time: Great as S&V. Best after 2-3 days. None of the flavors really change during a steep, it just allows the green tea to cement itself in all layers of the mix.

Flavor/Development Notes:
Have you ever had a Green Tea Kit Kat? They are made with the usual kit kat wafers, however the frosting between the wafers is mixed with matcha, then its covered in white chocolate mixed with matcha instead of milk chocolate. These things are addicting. Like seriously addicting. After I started mixing, I knew I just HAD to make a vape that tasted like a Green Tea Kit Kat. I had done a bit of research on what’s actually in this amazing masterpiece out of Japan and decided that this couldn’t be TOO hard to make a vape of but since I had little experience with tea flavors (aka zero experience), and I wasn’t sure where to begin to achieve that right creamy white chocolate, I enlisted the help of u/ID10-T. Together we went through countless iterations. I tried a few different green tea and white chocolate flavors to see which would be the best. Trust me; this was not a fun task when it came to the Green Tea. Too many of them tasted like you bought the shittiest quality tea bag, then proceeded to boil it on the stove for a few hours. It was seriously torture going back and trying them again after a steep. AVOID FA Green Tea and thank me later. Let me tell you a little secret, I bought the wrong green tea when I made the purchase and boy am I glad I did. I accidentally purchased FE green tea instead of TFA. FE green tea is by far the best out there. It’s the most underrated; actually it wasn’t even rated, of all the teas. It’s why they took it off the market. But don’t worry, this flavor is back ( and you better buy that tasty flavor and sub it out in every recipe that calls for green tea. When it came to the white chocolates, I decided on TFA. I tried FW but it has a strong caramel note to me, plus it is very dry. Since the kit kat itself doesn’t taste like caramel, FW wasn’t going to work. TFA’s on the other hand only has 1 flaw, it wasn’t creamy enough. Yes, it was spot on for taste and mouthfeel; it just was missing that melt in your mouth creaminess you expect from chocolate. This is when we worked on figuring out which creams to add to the mix. There were a few we thought about, but it came down to needing something that’s light and not overpowering. Bavarian Cream was attempted, but it just really brought out that caramelization note in the white chocolate. Bavarian got the axe. After a bit of discussion with u/ID10-T, we went ahead and mixed up some TFA White Chocolate with CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream. If you have never tried CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, GO GET IT IMMEDIATELY. Unlike some of the other whipped creams that exist, this one does not taste rancid for the first week. It never tastes rancid. It doesn’t even really require a steep actually. Its light and it added exactly what we were looking for to the white chocolate. Next was figuring out the wafer. We considered biscuit, but to be honest, I am not a huge fan of biscuit. I think it takes over a mix too easily and it just wasn’t quite right for this. We all know how much u/ID10-T loves CAP Sugar Cookie so I got a wild idea and threw it at him, sugar cookie in a low dose. Once we had the ingredients, it was trial and error on the percentages till it was as close as we could get it. The kit kat itself is slightly sweeter than the mix, but if you want to get the mix to that same level of sweetness, add a touch of sucralose and gunk up dem coils.

White Chocolate (TFA/TPA) 4.5%:
What can I say about this. This is a very important flavor, I mean it’s the main note in the real green tea kit kat. This is the base of the mix. It helps tie everything together in all of its white chocolate deliciousness. Yeah it’s not as creamy as I would like it to be, but it’s a pretty damn accurate white chocolate. There is just the slightest hint of caramel when mixed for standalone or mixed with other creams that bring it out, but in this mix, you don’t detect any caramel which is great. It has excellent mouth feel and really helps bring this mix into an ADV.

Green Tea (FE) 0.7%:
This flavor plays the role of both the matcha in the white chocolate, and the matcha in the frosting between the wafers. A little goes a long way. I did a single flavor sample of this at 2% originally. It tastes like premium loose leaf tea steeped at 195 F for 30-60 seconds. My notes literally say “this is what green tea is supposed to taste like.” In the mix, I tried it at 1% and while it was good, it was too strong. No off flavors of any kind, just stronger than the actual green tea in the kit kat. Between 0.625% and 0.725% is the sweet spot. Depends on just how much matcha flavor you are looking for. Go too low and it fades away, too high, while still good, it isn’t as close to the actual kit kat.

TFA Green Tea tastes like green tea with a little fresh-cut grass added to it.
FA Green Tea tastes like green tea with a little fresh-cut ASS added to it.
FE Green Tea tastes like high-quality fresh brewed matcha green tea with nothing added to it and nothing taken away from it. This flavor cannot be subbed for any of the other lesser flavors.

Vanilla Whipped Cream (CAP) 3%:
This flavor pulls double duty. Not only does it bring out the creaminess of the white chocolate, but it acts as the frosting between the wafers. It’s light and sweet and creamy.

Sugar Cookie (CAP) 1.5%:
This one actually does a bit of double duty too. Not only is it the wafer, but it also adds the extra sweetness needed for the frosting between the wafers. At a low %, it’s subtle, just like the actual wafer in the kit kat.