This recipe is, without a doubt, my most popular, best-received, and highest rated recipe. A strawberry cream with a tropical twist, made with all TFA flavors, with a relatively short steep time for strawberry creams, and all whole percentages in the recipe. I wanted this recipe to accessible to everyone; American or international, beginner or advanced, patient or impatient. This isn’t a new recipe. It’s been out for about 4 or 5 months, but I haven’t posted it to any forums. I just let my followers on know, and let word of mouth do the rest.

  • The Strawberry Base-d God

The classic, the go-to, the reliable, TFA Strawberry and TFA Strawberry Ripe. If you don’t know this combination yet, check a calendar, because it’s 2016. The candy-like TFA Strawberry and the bright, green TFA Strawberry Ripe work so well to make a super-sweet, clean strawberry flavor. 4/4% gives a nice strong strawberry, while allowing other flavors to play their parts.

  • The Cream Bed(of Clouds.)

This one I worked on for a while. I used a ton of different custard flavors, a few ice creams, and one or two flavored creams before I realized I was in the wrong vein. I didn’t want a full-bodied, heavy cream that overpowers the other flavors. I wanted something smooth, but sharp; gentle, but firm; I wanted something light and airy, residing with Zeus in Olympus. I wanted a cheesecake base. Wanting something light, I went with TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust, then used TFA Bavarian Cream to boost the cream and add a bit of vanilla flavor.

  • The Surprise Guest

If you’ve been mixing a while, you know the magic that TFA Dragonfruit does in a recipe. With a delicious flavor, and emulsifying properties, I used just enough in this recipe to help hone the strawberry into something fresh and exciting, while also adding a bit of the pineapple flair that TFA Dragonfruit has on its own. It helps blend the strawberries and, I believe, shortens the steep time on this recipe to 2 weeks.