Jimmy the Juice Man’s Shurb flavour is a sherbet-based concoction delivering all kinds of goodness with every inhale and exhale. By vaping Shurb e-liquid, you’ll experience raspberry, lime and orange notes floating all around the sizzlingly sweet sherbet base.

FA Raspberry
Since the first attempt somebody made at Shurb, this has been considered the de facto raspberry flavoring used. I’ve gone through cycles of agreeing and disagreeing on this point, but in this latest recipe I think it fits very well. Not too candy-like, not too overly realistic. This percentage seems low but it works. Once you get over 2%, this stuff just tastes “off” to me. Too strong.

TFA Vanilla Swirl
Creamy vanilla. Pretty much nothing else to say. Shurb has a nice vanilla cream on the exhale which just boosts the whole experience. This percentage works very well. If you lower it it just kind of tastes like nothing.. just a weird cream that muddles the rest of the flavors.

TFA Whipped Cream
I’ve talked about this at length before, so all I’ll say is the MSDS that was done on Shurb pretty much guarantees this is in there. It has the same ingredient as TFA Smooth, which (as the name implies) smooths out the flavors and adds a little bit of a softer mouthfeel. Without the Whipped Cream, the fruits become too pronounced instead of melding. The lime becomes too lime-y, the orange becomes too orange-y, etc.

TFA Cotton Candy
Again, no need to really get in to this. The MSDS showed there’s a ton of EM in there. Lower amounts of EM just mute things and don’t help much here. At this percentage it really adds a nice sweetness.

FW Beetle Juice
If I’m Fox Mulder then /u/pink_er_pants is motherfucking Deep Throat. I wander around screaming at the sky and trying to convince everyone around me that Shurb can be replicated. Just as I’m about to give up he comes out of nowhere and reveals the secrets of the universe to me. This universe’s secret was Beetle Juice. I had pretty much forgotten about my attempts when /u/pink_er_pants messaged me a week ago and mentioned that he tried FW BJ and was 100% sure it was the secret ingredient. Skeptical, I ordered some with my hopes up.. and then I smelled the bottle. I swear to you guys, that first whiff I immediately thought “welp, JTJM is a genius and has tricked us in to paying for a single flavor juice”. This flavor IS Shurb. It is the base of Shurb. It is everything that all of my attempts lacked. It is amazing. My only qualms about it are this – Shurb came out in early 2014. The earliest mention of this flavoring that I could find was spring of 2015. Did JTJM have early access to it? I doubt it. It leaves me confused though because this is – without a doubt – what makes Shurb… Shurb.
It is a mix of fruits. Often described as a tutti frutti/Juicy Fruit flavor (EXACTLY what I was trying and failing to replicate with FA Blenderize). The only decent description of the fruits I can find is in a review that says: “pineapple, mango, and strawberry”. Pretty spot on, I’d say. This is that mysterious fruity flavor none of us could identify. Good fuckin’ eye, /u/pink_er_pants. You are a god among men.

FA Mandarin
The perfect orange for our purposes. Not too sharp, not too candy-like. Not too juicy. Sweet and citrus-y. That’s all we need. TFA Mandarin was just too sweet and sharp to work. I tried to make it work a few times but it didn’t turn out well. It reminded me more of some really cheap and possibly expired Orange Juice. So FA Mandarin is our man.

TFA Key Lime
Just like last time – absolutely massive shout-out to my man /u/botboy141. If I’m Fox Mulder then botboy is Mr. X. We all knew there was no lime in Shurb but we just didn’t understand what was up with that slight lime aftertaste.. OH WAIT IT’S LIME. Botboy’s Shurb-like recipe used Key Lime and when I tasted it, I recognized that Key Lime immediately. At lower percentages it adds a slight gummy candy flavor (which loads of people say they taste in Shurb) and a nice, lime-y hint on the exhale just like the real deal. Beautiful stuff.