FA Fuji and FA Liquid Amber – These two ingredients are the main profile of this recipe and provide an amazing crisp apple on the inhale and exhale. I know I know 4% Fuji? I used FA Fuji at 4% to ensure that it was upfront, but in order to make it stand out even more I added liquid amber to give the fuji more of a baked/cider-like taste. The addition of liquid amber along with fuji is a trick that has been done by many others before me and if you ever want to make a baked apple pie, apple cobbler, or any apple dessert recipe, liquid amber is a must!

FA Caramel – This flavor used at 0.5% is another trick I learned from /u/enyawreklaw. If you’ve seen his recipes that include this flavor you will notice that he uses it to add complexity, help create a foundation for all other ingredients to bind to, and to add a bit of sugary goodness. I felt I needed everything that FA Caramel offers without imparting a true caramel flavor so half a percent is what I went with.

CAP Butter Cream – This is the base for my butter. CAP Butter Cream doesn’t show up in many recipes and I think I know why. When you hear butter cream you think of the butter cream frosting on top of a cake or cupcake. I don’t really get much of that from CAP Butter Cream. Instead, I get more butter with a slight sweetness and that’s exactly what I needed here. This flavor isn’t very impressive on its own and at higher percentages give me a weird waxy taste.

CAP Vanilla Custard V1 – We all know about CAP Vanilla Custard V1 and it finds its way in to about 70% of my recipes in the range of at least 1-2%. I used it at 1% here to lend its thickness and diketone amazingness without creating an apple butter custard.

TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – This is a know offender to some and can give a peppery taste to certain unfortunate souls. If you are one of those unfortunate people, you can most likely substitute it with CAP’s version. Personally I have not tried substituting TFA VBIC for CAP’s, but they are relatively similar. However, TFA VBIC is used at 1% to add buttery, ever so slight vanilla, and creaminess. It does a wonderful job of binding to the butter cream and vanilla custard without imparting to much ice cream flavor.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl V1 – To complete the apple butter I needed a dash of cinnamon and I’ll be completely honest with you guys that this is the only cinnamon flavor besides FLV Rich Cinnamon that I have. So, it needed to work here and luckily it did. It give us a very light cinnamon flavor along with a tad bit of complexity due to its bakery properties. /u/notcharlesmanson mentioned that he wished there was a bit more cinnamon coming through so you can either bump the CDS up a bit or insert your favorite bakery cinnamon. I’m definitely going to try this myself by adding a drop or two per 30mL of FLV Rich Cinnamon along with the CDS as well as without to see what happens.