A plain freshly-fried sugar glazed donut. A delicate mix of fluffy dough, touched with cinnamon, and topped of with a sweet vanilla glaze. This Reloaded version was born from 33 different test batches trying to nail down a realistic fresh donut flavor, and trying to bend Capella’s Glazed Doughnut to do what I wanted it to do.

Note: This is an evolving recipe, and I am continuously working on improving it.

Optional: 1.0% Yellow Cake (FW) to develop the dough further. 1 – 2% Ethyl Maltol can really help the glaze, but tends to mute other flavors. Replace Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) with more refined Cinnamon flavors like Cinnamon Ceylon (FA) or Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah), so the danish flavor does not interfere.

Inspired by: Ruthless – Loaded Glazed Donuts