Element have created an orange flavour eLiquid which contains all of the zing, citrus fruitiness that you could want from an orange flavour eLiquid. Element have layered this flavour to ensure that you experience a natural, freshly squeezed orange taste. Element have also ensured that there are extra tones of tangy and sweet orange on the inhale and exhale so you can truly experience the true orange flavour this juice has to offer.

One users commented:

I’m a huge fan of fresh squeeze, its my favourite juice, and this is PERFECT! I brought a bottle the other day of the actual fresh squeeze, and had some tanks filled with it. I just filled another with this (it just finished steeping) and left it for a bit to charge. When I came back to try it, my first reaction was ‘oops, wrong tank, this is the element stuff’ and then it clicked.