Fantasi Lemonade Ice E Liquid is Inspired by a famous and popular fizzy drink. Lemonade Ice by Fantasi is an lemonade flavoured e-liquid that is available in a single 65ml (50ml of e-liquid) bottle that originates from Malaysia and is a world wide known product and brand.

The first things I noticed about this juice is – a lot of lime, a lot of sweetener and a lot of cold. It’s nice tho.

Not a true clone because they’re using something else for the tiny amount of lemonade they have in it. I prefer Flv lemonade. Same lime tho, just not quite as aggressive.

If you’re not going to steep this juice for at least a week I’d drop the amount of ws-23 in it.

I like it fresh, but I like it cold….so…

The original is more like a limeade than a lemonade to me. This is closer to a lemonade.

Slightly less sweet than the original, slightly less lime and a touch more complex despite the simplicity of the recipe.

Don’t get inw lime and lime shisha confused, your lungs will not thank you.

20% sucralose is the same as cap super sweet give or take.