A head-on collision of strawberries and kiwi fruits, with side-notes of old school bubblegum to finish.

This is a translation from russian e-liquid community in VK:

Hello everyone! It’s time for me to share my Bad Drip Farley’s gnarly sauce clone recipe with you.

It’s almost overly saturated, but still balanced.

My goal was to recreate the very first edition of Farley’s Gnarly Sauce, that was before they changed it.

The idea of making a clone came to me after I smelled FW Kiwi.

This is it — that very kiwi. Lingering and slightly chemical, spot on for a kiwi gum. As you already know, Bad Drip changed the recipe because of FDA pressure and it’s known police against our beloved diketones. I’ve read FW Kiwi formulation and it proved all my suspicions: FW Kiwi have diketones in it.

TFA Strawberry! I’ve looked for the right strawberry for a long time. So much strawberries on the market, and they all have common notes, and in Farley’s you can’t taste that exact note, which can help you to distinguish a strawberry you need. I settled on TPA strawberry because one of my employees HATES this aroma and he has like a detector for it, and when he tasted the real Farley’s Gnarly Sauce he had that face… any doubts fell away.

LA Bubble Gum. As I found out, the hardest part was to find the right bubble gum. Slightly chemical, it goes so well with FW Kiwi. At the moment I had only colored version of this aroma, and that’s why I didn’t take it in a consideration. but I was wrong, it clearly is the one.

Alright, everything is mixed, steeped, but the taste… it just felt wrong.

Ethyl Malthol. In an insane amount (almost).

It’s like a bonding, it removed all the noise from my guitar. Like a catalyst, it launched a reaction!