25th February 2017

Fresh Squeeze by Element

Image source Gourmet Eliquid

Ingredient %
Ecto Cooler (TPA) 6.00
Sucralose (CAP) 1.50
Sweet Tangerine (CAP) 1.20

Steep time: 3-4 Days
Author: David R

Element have created an orange flavour eLiquid which contains all of the zing, citrus fruitiness that you could want from an orange flavour eLiquid.¬†Element have layered this flavour to ensure that you experience a natural, freshly squeezed orange taste. Element have also ensured that there are extra tones of tangy and sweet orange on the […]

17th February 2017

Reloaded Donuts by VaporAlchemist

Image source E-Cigarette Empire

Ingredient %
Almond (FA) 0.60
Butterscotch (FW) 1.80
Cake Batter Dip (FW) 2.50
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 0.60
Glazed Doughnut (CAP) 3.00
Honey (FA) 0.20
Joy (FA) 0.35
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 4.00
Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA) 1.60
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 2.00
Vanillin 10% (TPA) 0.15

Steep time: 14 Days
Author: VaporAlchemist

A plain freshly-fried sugar glazed donut. A delicate mix of fluffy dough, touched with cinnamon, and topped of with a sweet vanilla glaze. This Reloaded version was born from 33 different test batches trying to nail down a realistic fresh donut flavor, and trying to bend Capella’s Glazed Doughnut to do what I wanted it […]

7th February 2017

Grack Juice by Philosaphucker

Image source Dali Paintings

Ingredient %
Cactus (INW) 2.25
Dragonfruit (TFA) 1.00
Meringue (FA) 1.00
Raspberry (INW) 0.50
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 1.50
Grape (INW) 4.00%
Koolada (TFA) 0.75%

Steep time: 7 Days
Author: Philosaphucker

Grack is delicious and addictive, but also so wonderfully different from everything else. It’s a work of abstract art with no culinary reference whatsoever. Other recipes lack any element of surprise, but this one’s shockingly good. It’s an original, one-of-a-kind recipe. One vaper described Grack juice like a Dali painting.

6th February 2017

Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder (Mk-2)

Image credit Flavour Chasers

Ingredient %
Apple Pie (CAP) 2.0%
Cake (Yellow) (FW) 0.5%
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 4.4%
Double Apple (CAP) 5.0%
Marshmallow (CAP) 0.5%
Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA) 0.5%

Steep time: 5 Days
Author: John King

A Unique Blend of Sweet Apples and Warm Cinnamon Muffin. The Muffin Man E-Liquid has a robust Apple Flavor on the Inhale followed by Sweet undertones of Warm Muffin. 100% better than the first version.. One Hit Wonders Muffin Man Mk-2 Clone. Very close to the original (I think its as good or slightly better) […]